Property Maintenance and Repair Services for Homeowners

At Gaspark, we understand that for homeowners, finding reliable and capable tradesmen can be a worry. Finding ones that are also reasonably priced can seem impossible. That is why Gaspark only employ skilled tradesmen who meet our high standards; who are committed to producing the best quality work and getting it right first time; who are reliable and trustworthy; and who are as friendly as everyone in the Gaspark family.

It is also why at Gaspark we work really hard to constantly deliver great value. So although our work is top quality our prices are middle-of-the-road. You might get cheaper but you won’t get such good value or workmanship.

We also work hard at ensuring we deliver a quality service. From the people in our service centre, to booking your appointment, to the way we provide you with all the information to make the right decision for you. For example, when one of our engineers makes a repair visit, they will tell you if they are able to resolve the issue within an hour or advise what else needs to be done. If it is something that needs parts to be ordered, we provide a quote for the parts and how long they will take to get; and we will confirm the cost and get your agreement before we go ahead.

Most of our work comes from recommendation and we ask our customers to complete a report on our work. We are pleased to say that the reports we get are very positive, especially about the quality of our work and our reliability.

So whatever needs fixing or improving in your home, we have the plumbers, electricians, heating engineers, decorators, carpenters, glaziers, roofers, etc. who can do it and do it right. We have the experience and knowledge to advise on the best solution and equipment. We have our reputation to maintain – so you can be sure we will be so good, you will want to recommend us to your friends.